We’ve been there, like you are today…

You need hard hitting advice – intolerant of hype and equivocation – that exposes the less traveled paths, and ways to break free from old patterns and budgets. Advice that’s brutally honest and not beholden to any vendor, customer, or corporate allegiance.

You need research that takes tough stances to highlight real success and expose shortcomings in strategy, roadmaps and even leadership. All in service of your needs as a decision maker. Done with maximum transparency and always open to dialog over our research agenda, findings, and recommendations.

We are veteran analysts, with extensive careers at the major industry players as well as the leading industry analyst firms. We’re now striking out on our own, working together to provide an alternate source of rich advice essentially free of charge to organizations and individuals to use our content for their own internal purposes. We will attract sponsors to fund the syndicate while retaining a hard and fast wall between the content side and the sponsorship side of our house.

Our research agenda will be driven from the bottom up. It will continually evolve as our analysts – who set their own agendas – follow their own instincts while monitoring readership and conversations with readers and sponsors.