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  • I have worked in the tech industry for 40 years, including 18 years as an analyst for some of the leading firms in the industry including Gartner, AMR Research, and Aberdeen Group.
  • As a Gartner analyst for 10 years I covered Enterprise Apps and Customer-Facing technologies including CRM, Customer Experience, Digital Commerce, Digital Marketing, and Price Optimization. I authored and co-authored a dozen Magic Quadrants including the Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce and the seminal Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management which is still being published.
  • An integral part of my research included identifying and evaluating what were at the time emerging marketing, commerce, and CRM vendors including Eloqua (now part of Oracle), Marketo (Adobe), Hybris (SAP), Pardot (Salesforce) and many others.
  • I have published more than 200 research notes, taken thousands of client inquiries and advisory calls, and been asked to participate as a keynote speaker or panel moderator at many of the leading events in the tech industry.
  • Recent published research includes:
    Is Adobe, Microsoft, and SAP’s Open Data Initiative a New Generation of Customer Experience, or a Nice Fantasy?
    Adobe buys Marketo: Who wins, who to watch

Important Facts

In addition to the 18 years I have been a tech analyst, I have spent more than half of my career on the vendor side, working for Global 1000 and start-up tech vendors in a range of management, business development, product management, and sales/sales management roles. Tech companies I have been part of have gone public or seen substantial growth, while others went Chapter 11 or completely lost their presence in the market and were absorbed by other companies. The experience of seeing the industry from both the vendor side and the analyst side has given me insight, perspective, and hopefully, humility.

I have more than 1,500 Twitter followers, 700+ connections on LinkedIn, and have been published or quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and many of the leading web sites and publications in the industry.

As part of my effort to give back and make a difference, I work with local universities and with undergraduate, graduate, and recent graduate students who are looking to build a career in technology and digital business. Most importantly, I am a dad and husband, as well as a skier, cyclist, friend, and mentor.

Strong Point of View

After 40 years in tech I am mostly an optimist on the value and contribution that technology can bring to organizations and to us as individuals. Having said that, I am still cognizant and slightly paranoid of the disruptions and negative impacts that tech can cause.

  • New technology always coexists with old technology. Process changes slowly. Perspective is critical.
  • Question the data. The source of the data, the intent of the research that produced the data, and the biases – known or unknown – that influence the opinions of the consultants, influencers, pundits, and yes, analysts, needs to be considered.
  • Data is the new oil. Issues relating to the privacy of personal data is a large and under-appreciated issue. Issues related to data privacy will fundamentally challenge all segments of digital business, digital marketing, and customer management.

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