Think Beyond the Traditional Quadrants

Experience. Market Insight. Influence.

We are a revolutionary new way of delivering impactful analysis, insight, and advice at no cost to readers. Our team – analysts and sponsors combined – will provide value primarily for technology users. We also hope to gain value from them. We will have a large community of analyst-contributors because we can deliver stronger readership to them than they could build independently. We’re starting with the most senior, well respected analysts. We intend to aggressively expand that roster and also look for readers who will contribute to a larger, crowdsourced, collective body of insights. The larger the pool of contributors, the more collaborative, ad-hoc projects our analysts can lead. And, the more insights and discoveries we jointly come up with, the more value we can deliver to both reader and sponsor constituencies.

Measuring the specific value to any company of its relationships with industry analysts has never been scientific. But it is certain that technology providers, investors, industry journalists, and their audiences agree that analyst influence is critical to markets. In that regard, all analysts are equal. But some analysts are more equal than others. In our case, The Analyst Syndicate has sought to collect top-level contributors whose influence over customers in key markets is indisputable. And, while calculating such influence may be more art than science, here is perspective worth considering:

  • By year-end 2019, we expect to have 35 senior analysts contributing at least 8 posts each
  • The average analyst has at least 10+ years of experience with a leading firm. Most also have further years spent in end-user or vendor companies. That’s over 1,000 person years of experience
  • Every analyst has influenced (through branded research) approximately $100B of technology spend in various markets. That’s $3.5 trillion dollars in aggregate
  • With an average of 900 conversations per year, these analysts have collectively consulted to more than 315,000 organizations
  • Most have published hundreds of research documents, given strategic guidance to many companies, given dozens of presentations, and have been quoted by technology and business media extensively
  • Each has engaged in social media and has numbers of followers, mentions, and involvement in various communities online. Several are listed among the key influencers in major technology topic areas


The Analyst Syndicate is a multi-dimensional platform through which:

  • The world’s best technology and business analysts can publish their insights and recommendations
  • Our smart readers can extract maximum value
  • Our sponsors can relate to both creators and consumers of valuable analysis


We don’t know all of the world’s best analysts. We are starting with a small group of some of the best known to us. These are very senior, well-respected analysts, alumni of the world’s leading technology and business analysis firms. We will invite others to join based on the quality of content provided in comments on material we publish.


Contributors to our platform are not restricted from publishing the same material elsewhere.


Readers will not pay for access. Authors of posts will have the opportunity to earn compensation for their contributions depending on the number and quality of readers they attract and the syndicate’s cash flow during the previous quarter. Sponsor contributions will fund our operations and reimburse contributors.


There will be no “pay to play.” We will not write white papers for any single vendor and our coverage will not be biased towards sponsors. Internally, documentation on all finances will be provided to all authors who have published at least two blog posts in the last quarter or four in the last two quarters.


Freedom to innovate takes precedence over agenda plans. Every author will publish a list of upcoming research they’re planning, but each also has the right to change that list any time and solely at their own discretion.


We will cover emerging technologies (and other technologies that may have already emerged), business impacts, and the broader economic, social and governmental implications of the uses of technology. Topic areas include:

1. Automate and delegate to machines
2. Protect, preserve, and defend
3. Manage and decide
4. Connect, sense and share
5. Engage society
6. Invest in technology and services

We expect you to react to this agenda and help us better understand what you want to see. We also expect to find gems (and authors of gems) who deserve to become members of the syndicate. In the long run, we want to turn this into primarily a crowdsourced font of (sometimes contentious) wisdom.